28 Oct - 11 Nov 2020

This exhibition brings together 4 artists in a celebration of the power and impact of colour. Each of these 4 British & European artists uses colour in extraordinary, different and complimentary ways in their paintings and printmaking.




It has fascinated us for millennia.

Every culture and civilization has wondered about it. From the earliest humans to the present day, it has fascinated and perplexed us, amazed and delighted us. We are surrounded by it in the natural world and marvel at the change of seasons for all its glorious wonder. It’s innately a part of us that often we don’t even consciously realise that it is informing hundreds if not thousands of our daily decisions.

What we are talking about is the amazing phenomenon that is COLOUR.

You only have to take a second and imagine life without colour, to imagine living in a monochrome world, and you start to get a feel for just how much we rely on colour.

Colour breathes in life.

As soon as we open our eyes we are taking in hundreds of clues, signals and messages to guide us through our daily lives.

Colour is a universal language we all speak, without having to say a word.

We associate colour with our personal memories, the power of its symbolism and how it affects our thoughts, our deepest feelings and our behaviours. For when we connect to colour, we connect to what we feel. And when we connect to what we feel, we can start to connect to who we are. Colour comes in through our eyes, but it makes its way into our hearts. It is woven into our emotions and influences how we think and how we behave. If we were to switch off colour, we would switch off our feelings. We would lose our most innate and fundamental means of self-expression.

Colour is the simplest tool we have at our disposal to enhance positive emotions and increase wellbeing, and it can do all this in an instant. That’s the power of colour!

Colour is emotional nourishment for the soul.

So I invite you to observe your feelings, emotions and responses as you view each piece of carefully curated artwork in this exhibition. Enjoy the colourful journey.

Karen Haller

Leading expert in Applied Colour & Design Psychology and author of bestseller ‘The Little Book of Colour’.

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