A photographic journey of texture, pattern and patina through the eyes of John Alexander.

Summer 2024

Every destination comes with its own sense of place, personality or feeling. We evoke this feeling through our own senses as we explore a place and create our own narrative. My subjects are created physically through a combination of anthropomorphic activity and atmospheric conditions but they have a history from the years in which it took to create them. To me, it's absolutely fascinating to think of my subject's intricate journey as I search for the right composition. Whether it is a derelict house in Andalucia or a wall on an old door in Macau, every scratch or layer of colour has its own individual story. Therefore each detailed image, sometimes only centimetres in size, is an almost archaeological depiction of a destination. However, with usually no clues to its history, and with the benefit of abstraction, we are able to imagine and create our own sense of place, making our own story from the photograph”.
“Photography takes me to some incredible destinations around the world. In this series, there are images from traditional fishing villages from islands around Hong Kong to mountain villages in Spain, to more local scenes from around the UK.” 

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