BLOOM at Old Brompton Gallery

BLOOM unites 4 British artists: Fleur Alston, Henrie Haldane, Corinne Natel and Gill Wilson. These artists all draw their inspiration from the natural world, yet present their artwork in very different but harmonious ways.

21 May - 26 May 2019

Flowers have been used by artists to create stories and personality in their art for centuries. As well as the obvious potency of their colour and mood, flowers have a hidden language or floriography. Artists have worked to capture this rich symbolism. Either as a background detail or as the focal point, flowers have represented a multitude of emotions and feelings. In art, floral references are beautiful expressions of life’s cycles, fragile fertility and nature’s beauty.

Bloom is brought to you by 4WALLS.  4WALLS is an exciting collaboration between two established art dealers: Morgan-Davies Art and Lafontaine Contemporary Art. They bring their knowledge and combined expertise of 35 years in the art world, having previously worked together in renowned Mayfair galleries and now unite to curate this beautiful show.

Following the success of the inaugural ‘EARTH’ exhibition, 4WALLS now brings 4 different artists together to exhibit under this new show ‘BLOOM’.  Each 4WALLS exhibition highlights 4 leading contemporary artists, within temporary gallery walls, under a unique & changing exhibition statement.

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