‘Things You May or May Not Recognise’ is an exciting new exhibition that focuses on 2 of Rakerman’s series with similar titles.

Dates: 13 Sept - 18 Sept 2017

The artwork from these two series, ’31 Things You May Easily Recognise’ & ’31 Things You May Not Easily Recognise’ is an invitation to the viewer to respond, but in slightly differing ways.

“Do I recognise what is being shown?…Yes, easily“, and the opposite “Ah, this image is slightly harder to work out”. In offering up a subject for consideration in this way the artist is suggesting the viewer might contemplate a review of their own personal way of seeing and recognising, and perhaps to question if they only recognise what they see by reference to what they’ve seen before. Regarding this as possibly the brain’s version of recycling, in this case of what it considers recognisable, Rakerman hopes this series provokes a re-evaluation of personal memories: and re-use of the stored imagery we take for granted.

The exhibition will be held in his incredible studio space in London.  This allows us to showcase some of his impressive largescale artworks, as well as smaller pieces. 

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