SURFACE at 45 Park Lane

A joint exhibition of artworks by international artists Kirk Mechar and Rakerman. Following the success of EARTH, these two artists are brought together again for an exciting show at 45 Park Lane hotel, London.

19 Jan - 27 Aug 2020

4WALLS is an established collaboration between two art dealers LAFONTAINE CONTEMPORARY ART & MORGAN-DAVIES ART.

SURFACEinvites the viewer to experience these two artists’ mastery of shape, texture and tone. Their ability to create a mysterious multi-dimensional space between the viewer, the canvas and beyond results in a powerful statement. Our eyes see the surface, but the mind explores the visual depth and space – space to think, to imagine and to inspire.

Canadian artist Kirk Mechar is widely recognized for largescale “flower” paintings and he works in in a variety of materials alone and in combination, including, wood, marble dust, glass and clay. Mechar’s work is defined by a continuing interest in patterns, particularly as reflected in both abstract and figurative pieces.

In the Mosaic Series all of the central elements of the early floral cascades recur in one form or another. They are informed by local colours, powerful sunlight, and by an apparent struggle to survive and bloom amid nature’s inevitable decay. Kirk’s work is the product of the creation, destruction and rebuilding of canvases. He will produce a painting and step away from it and then cut the canvas into 2cm “tiles” which he will then reconfigure to make a whole new painting.

The viewer is immediately drawn to the surface of the canvas but as you get closer, you see the incredible depth of the painting. As a static output of a dynamic process – a snapshot of a story with its complex history waiting to be discovered.

London based artist Rakerman records, positions and re-arranges objects and surfaces in both urban and landscape locations, throughout the world. The result of this documentation has evolved into complex, textural works on paper, that play with the concept of the invisible and the visible. Some of the artworks attempt to make visible those things one does not normally see, or that can be taken for granted. Drawings are frequently made directly from ubiquitous surfaces such as walls, stairs, tables, paths and floors.

Rakerman’s work can easily be interpreted as one or several different identifiable objects. Yet at the same time the artist depicts something the viewer does not easily recognise at all.

In this exhibition SURFACE,a beautiful collection of artworks is displayed by both Kirk Mechar and Rakerman in their own individual styles, treatments, colour and texture that allows us to not only appreciate the surface of the artwork but also bring us deeper into each artwork.

4WALLS will be unveiling a new collection of artworks by both artists. For more information, visit 4WALLS website

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