Elizabeth Waggett's Artwork

Elizabeth Waggett’s work is about the confusion of modern day society and the way in which we balance purpose and greed.

Elizabeth Waggett

Using the subject of animal, human skulls and personal artefacts, Waggett exposes the responsibility of the individual in owning the effects of their decisions. Adorning each piece with gold leaf and precious metal, the dichotomy of the monochromatic pallet against the gold is a visual representation of the struggle of the inner self to balance greed and purpose.

The artist endeavours to create contexts that aren’t flat; the context remains multi-faceted with no single meaning or outcome, just like the subjects themselves, through this conversation around the work she hopes it will allow us all to consider the way in which we are multi-faceted beings.

Elizabeth utilises something that's preconceived as quite grizzly in a graceful clean way, to take the viewer deeper into the work. The skulls represent the things that we should be valuing- be it a soul, the environment, a legacy - because this is something personal to the viewer. And the gold on the skulls represents the value in which we betray that, forgoing our true needs for materialistic ones.