Angela Williams' Artwork

Delving into the delightful myriad of petals, Angela's large bloom oil paintings celebrate the structure and form of flowers, with exquisite detail.

Angela Williams

Angela Williams aspires to create artworks that are not simply observational, but that take us on a visually aromatic journey. Williams quotes Cezanne: “Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realising one’s sensations”.

Delving into the delightful myriad of petals, her large bloom paintings echo the celebratory and exquisite detail of the Dutch master floral painters, a micro exploration into the structure and form of the flowers.

These large-scale oil paintings extol the classical approach. The blooms are fastidiously rendered, capturing the soft, subtle, numerous transitions of light and colour that only the most passionate and skilful observer could so tenderly re-create. The introduction of gilding adds a luminosity and very subtly reflects the change in light of the paintings’ own environment, so that the artwork takes on a different character throughout the day.

Having had a 35 year career internationally in art education, Angela Williams now works from her studio in rural France taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural environment. She hopes that through her work she can encourage others to discover the beauty that surrounds us all in the wonder of nature. 

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it is your world for the moment” Georgia O’Keeffe.

Angela Williams' Art in Situ

A selection of available and sold art placed in situ, helping you visualise the artist's work in an interior setting.