4WALLS presents EARTH

In this exhibition EARTH, four international artists are presented together to create a powerful dialogue for Earth’s future existence. Rakerman, Elizabeth Waggett, Kirk Mechar and Steve Miller unite for this 4WALLS inaugural show.

13 Nov - 18 Nov 2018

A rich tapestry of commentary is conveyed with visceral sensitivity through their individual styles, treatments, colour and texture. All four artists make deep references to nature, its beauty and its vulnerability and hold a mirror up to human greed. Living with these images reminds the viewer of Earth’s fragile beauty, and our potential to preserve and protect.

For centuries, artists have used their art and exhibitions as a platform to campaign or comment on politics, war, or humanity.  That dialogue has now shifted towards a climate revolution, a crusade of positive activism to save the planet, a war on plastic, the mass consumption challenge and a battle to stop climate change. 

Who better to present this stark reality at the forefront of cultural conversations than artists, galleries, museums and institutions. Artists have the power to make environmentalism a priority for all, not just the few.  Artists can motivate people from passive thinking to active doing, connecting us through shared perspectives, a united experience, stimulating our senses. Art has the power to change the world.

EARTH is an exciting collaboration between two established art dealers: Morgan-Davies Art and Lafontaine Contemporary Art. They bring their knowledge and combined expertise of 35 years in the art world, having previously worked together in renowned Mayfair galleries and now unite to curate this extraordinary show.

The works selected for this exhibition are not only beautiful pieces in themselves but beautiful artworks with a message. They remind us of the vulnerability of our planet and to preserve it for future generations.

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